Candle Ceremony


Every Friday night our campers and staff walk up to our soccer field under the beautiful star filled sky. The evening begins with our sharing ceremony, where we pass the ceremonial rock around and each girl can share something she learned during the week. Every week after the evening is over, the ceremonial rock is added to the path up to the soccer field. When campers come back each summer they can see the rock from summers past and remember their time at camp.

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The Candle Ceremony

After sharing, we sing our camp song. Next campers form a giant circle around the field. At this point it is dark and girls can see the beautiful stars in the sky. Director Ellie speaks to the girls about why it is so important to take what you have learned at camp and share it with the world. Campers are called forward and receive a candle, based on their year at camp. When all campers and staff have their cups and candles, Ellie takes a stick from the fire and lights her candle. Then she lights those candles next to her. In this way the flame makes its way around the circle. During the passing, girls sing the song "It only takes a spark to get a fire going." The night ends with a prayer from our director.

Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks