Why Camp?: Staff Edition

College students today struggle with making sure they have used every opportunity during college to ensure that they are the most prepared they can be to enter “the real world.” During my time at Wheaton College, I felt pressure to get internships and create networks in order to secure my future. Instead, I chose to […]

My Life is a Songfest

“MY LIFE IS A SONGFEST!” is a phrase that originated with the staff ten years ago. At camp, someone would mention how much they love eating donuts, and instantly everyone would break out into song. My life is a songfest. As a camper, I remember thinking that songfests were better than television. It was a great […]

Camp = College Prep

After reading the article “Creating Advantage in College” by Steve Baskin, I asked our staff for their opinions on whether their camp experience had helped prepare them for college. Here’s what they said… “Camp has truly changed my life. At camp I learned to be a leader through the CILT program and I took that […]