Week 3 Update!

Week 3 is going strong! Camp gives girls a place to be silly and to try new things without fear of failure or judgment. And we are definitely silly – check out what we’ve been up to!         Campers have a period of free time each day, where they can spend time […]

Week 2 Update!

Week 2 is almost a wrap! Take a look at all of the fun we’ve been having:                       Fun with Horses is an introductory horsemanship class for Pathfinders (grades 2-4), while Beginner through Advanced Horsemanship lessons are available for Trailblazers, Challengers, and Explorers.     […]

…and we’re off!

Week 1 is up and running, and we’re having tons of fun!   Take a look at divisional photos:                       On Sunday nights, we have divisional games, followed by Vespers at Cherith Cove:               On Tuesdays, we have cookouts. […]

Week 4: We Want More!

This week was the first week of the Two-Week Experience (TWE)!  Our theme for this session is “Adirondack Adventure.” Campers are split into three teams – Red, Blue, and Green – and they will be engaging in friendly competition throughout the two weeks! Take a look at our first few days: Part of the Cedarbrook experience is […]

Week One: So Much Fun!

Campers are having so much fun during Week One! Don’t believe us? Take a look below: What happens at camp? Check out video and photos below!     There’s tetherball…   …and gaga…             …ice cream from Tuck Shop…       …and campfires at night…   …and, of course, […]