Steps to Working at Cedarbrook


  • Complete the staff application here.
  • Receive confirmation of application submission.
  • Review Cedarbrook Staff website (you’re already looking at it!)
  • Wait patiently as the admin team reviews your application and references.
  • Interview with Megan, the Assistant Director (new staff only).
  • Interview with Amy, the Executive Director (return staff, new staff at the discretion of the director).
  • Receive notice of successful completion of application process. Hooray! You’re Hired!
  • Receive Contract and Pay Notice via email.
  • Receive invite to Cedarbrook Staff Facebook group.
  • Complete background check form here.
  • Begin completion of paperwork.
    1. Contract
    2. Pay Notice
    3. Voluntary Disclosure
    4. Direct Deposit
    5. Background Check Release
    6. Statement of Faith
    7. W4
    8. Health Form
    9. Statement of Christian Conduct
    10. I9
  • Email Megan all paperwork within one week (Except for I-9 form and documents which you must bring with you on first day of staff training).
  • Receive notice of paperwork completion.
  • Keep checking email and staff Facebook group for updates.




These are the forms you are required to complete in order to be hired as a staff member at Camp Cedarbrook. These forms MUST be completed and submitted back to me within 7 days of receiving your contract.  If these forms are not complete by the due date, you will not be allowed to work.

Please download each form, complete it, sign it, scan it and email it back to by 7 days of receiving your contract.

Two forms are personally unique to you, the Contract and the Pay Notice. Those will be emailed to you directly for you to review, sign and return.


Background Check:

You have to do both the background check release form below AND complete an online background check form here.


Forms for you to return to Megan immediately:

Voluntary Disclosure

Direct Deposit

Background Check Release

Statement of Faith

Statement of Christian Conduct


Health Form

  • If you are bringing a non-camper child with you, a health form is included for him/her.
  • Kitchen staff are required to have a TB tine test.


Forms for you to review and complete in person when you arrive at camp:

How to Handle the I-9 Form

I-9 Instructions


  • Return staff (those who have filled one out within thelast three years) do not need to fill this out.
  •  Fill out the top portion, and then bring the form and original document(s) to camp with you.
  •  Please read the instructions carefully.
  •  Fill it out ahead of time, but for this one, don’t send it. I must see the original documents when you give it to me.


Forms for you to keep:

Directions to Camp

What to bring

Staff Manual

For Their Sake Handbook

International Staff Packet


Job Descriptions

Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks