Our volunteers are a special group of people.  Volunteering at Camp Cedarbrook gives one a unique sense of accomplishment and happiness. Our Cedarbrook volunteers offer their time, efforts and even donations to Camp all because God has called them to this place.

Can’t come to Camp for the whole summer, volunteering is the perfect solution. Not only do you get your camp “fix,” but you give the staff new and fresh ideas and the campers a new face.

Here are some quick links for more information on volunteering at Cedarbrook:

The Volunteer Application Process

  • Complete the volunteer application here.
  • Receive confirmation of application submission.
  • Review Cedarbrook Staff website (you’re already looking at it!)
  • Wait patiently as the admin team reviews your application and references.
  • Interview with Megan, the Assistant Director (new volunteers only).
  • Receive notice of successful completion of application process. Hooray! You’re Hired!
  • Complete background check here.
  • Begin completion of paperwork.
    1. Voluntary Disclosure
    2. Background Check Release
    3. Statement of Faith
    4. Health Form
    5. Statement of Christian Conduct
  • Email Megan all paperwork within one week of hiring.
  • Receive notice of paperwork completion.
  • Keep checking email  for updates.


Volunteer Paperwork

These are the forms you are required to complete in order to volunteer at Camp Cedarbrook. These forms MUST be completed and submitted back to me within 7 days of receiving your confirmation of volunteering.

Please download each form, complete it, sign it, scan it and email it back to megan@campcedarbrook.net within 7 days of receiving your confirmation of volunteering.


You will need to begin by completing the background check here.


Forms for you to keep:

Cedarbrook Volunteer Policy

Directions to Camp

What to Bring

Staff Manual


Forms for you to return to Megan immediately:

Voluntary Disclosure

Background Check Release

Statement of Faith

Health Form

  • If you are bringing a non-camper child with you, please complete a health form for him/her.
  • Kitchen staff are required to have a TB tine test.

Statement of Christian Conduct

Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks